Code Examples

Code examples that use the SendSafely API for performing a variety of common tasks.


Export Organization Activity Logs

  • Example of how to use the enterprise search API to export sending activity and downloading activity by date. The enterprise search API is only accessible to SendSafely enterprise admin users.

Synchronize Dropzone with Zendesk Agent List

  • Script to synchronize Dropzone Recipients based on your list of Agents in Zendesk

Download Files from a Dropzone

  • This example polls a SendSafely Dropzone for new uploads and automatically downloads them.

Synchronize Workspace Collaborators with Zendesk User Segments

  • This script allows you to automatically add and remove collaborators from SendSafely Workspaces based on their assigned User Segments in Zendesk.

Synchronize Dropzone with Okta Group Members

  • Script to synchronize Dropzone Recipients based on group memberships within Okta